Nowadays, we may directly remark that our old life style of post-industrialization is substituted by informational technologies. A good few of these online technologies have led to amazing opportunities for modern society. We just stay in touch on a distance, communicate, learn something new and share our skills with a whole world, while staying in a one place and clicking a buttons. It’s absolutely a breakthrough to engulf English language for young modern specialists via Skype with a native speaker.
Why to learn English with a native speaker via Skype?
In case of online class, you feel flexible to choose time and place for learning. There is no need for you to adapt to the inconvenient environment or experience challenges with your schedule. Skype is a possibility to save your physical resources — on transportation, on paperwork; thereby pollution of our planet is partly left behind.
Take in consideration, that Skype students are not limited in their choice of teachers. A plenty of fascinating teachers from any country, each owning his individual spectacular experience and skills to meet exactly your expectations. British accent, American business mentality or adventures in Sydney. Both sides gain a chance to become more social and stop communicating abruptly, thereby staying on the same page no matter what they’re doing.
Why Skype is better (especially, in learning English with native speakers) than its analogs?
Moreover, Skype program is extremely popular. In 2010, just four years after its introduction, Skype had about 600 million users and this number increases precipitously enough. Only in year, this online chat program was put on the same line with Facebook and Youtube as the most outstanding ones over the last three years. You might have checked out this fact by goggling «English lessons Skype» and found out 5,820,000 hits by October 2011. In less than a year, you would have 27,300,000 hits, which is almost 4.7 times more! So, analogical videoconferencing chats, such as MSN and ICQ won’t probably become competitors to Skype in a near future.
Do I receive a worthy credit by taking Skype lessons with native speakers?
Audio and videoconferencing is being used throughout all leading companies in all industries. In healthcare, it’s used for diagnosing and treatment, in judicial system for giving remote testimonies and receiving legal counsel. Also, it’s more about experience to get a desirable position, not so much of received certificates at your local city. When you’re possessed of particular skills from your native speaker teacher, any exam appears easy to pass. So, it’s rational to perceive Skype as a serious tool for your studying.

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