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Bill Ransdell.

Bill is a native of Dallas, Texas, has a BS degree in Economics from Oklahoma State University and has been living in Guadalajara, Mexico for the last year and a half. He loves the cultural diversity of Mexico for the last year and a half.

Билл родом из Далласа, штат Техас, имеет степень бакалавра по экономике в Университете штата Оклахома и живет в Гвадалахаре, Мексика, последний год-полтора.

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Patricia Rena

Patricia is an American living outside of Stockholm, Sweden. She has taught European and Asian ESL students for the past seven years. She has a BA in Political Science and International Studies from Georgia Southern University in Atlanta.

Патрисия является коренной американкой, проживает возле Стокгольма, Швеция. Она учила европейских и азиатских ESL студентов на протяжении последних семи лет…

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Eleanor Moxon

At University I obtained a Higher National Diploma in Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management and worked for several years in the licensed trade. Then I worked for several years in Drivers Legal Protection.

В университете я получила Высший Национальный Диплом по менеджменту гостиничного и ресторанного бизнеса. Несколько лет работала в лицензионной торговле. Потом, в течение нескольких лет, я работала в Drivers Legal Protection. Желая изменений в жизни, я решила переехать …

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Martin Hunt

Martin is a native English speaker now living in the south of France. Prior to moving to France in 2005, he worked in the banking sector as an accountant for 20 years and then as an IT consultant and trainer for 10 years.

Мартин является носителем английского языка,но сейчас живет на юге Франции. До переезда во Францию в 2005 году, он работал в банковском секторе в качестве бухгалтера в течение 20 лет, а затем в качестве ИТ-консультанта и тренера в течение 10 лет.

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Judith Moore-Shahverdian

I’m from the United States, now currently living in Italy. I am a TEFL/TESOL Certified Teacher with a Specialist Certificate for Young Learners, Business and Advanced Grammar. I love to light the fires of imagination and encourage others to learn more about their world. Learning should be fun and creative, never preaching, always teaching. A financial and marketing consultant in various business sectors, I have also worked with children and adults with disabilities using pet therapy, and am a teacher of classical ballet. I am also Ambassador to Italy for World Animal Day…

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Joseph Goertz

Joseph is excited to assist students in their study of the English language. His enthusiasm and relaxed attitude encourages students to take risks and make mistakes. Through making mistakes, he is able to find what needs improvement and is able to see what sorts of techniques he can use to help students advance their English. Joseph’s lessons are built around the students’ needs. He finds that the best way for students to further their English is by communicating with others. Joseph (born and raised in Canada) received his certification for teaching English…

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Jeffrey Stone

Jeffrey Stone 20+ years teaching experience in both private and group class scenarios. Highly computer literate. Experience Current Online ESL Schools — English By Phone, Moscow, Russia; English888, Shanghai China; Next Step SKYPE Language Learning, Moscow, Russia; Holmesguard Language Institute, Taipai, Taiwan Past Online ESL Schools — Howard Online Classroom, Shanghai, China. 2005–Present Tina Kung (Taiwanese) La Puente, CA, USA Private/Online English Tutor Tutoring focuses on spelling, grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

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Clare McGowan

Clare is a British lady living in France. She likes bodyboarding, tennis, scuba diving, cycling, yoga, travelling, photography and the history of the Earth. She has 8 years teaching experience. For the last 3 years she has been teaching French, Italian and Spanish businessmen, one to one (via telephone or Skype). She has taught for over 3500 hours. Companies include Alexionpharma, Lamberti, Mercedes Benz, La Poste, Yoplait, SNCF, Illy Cafe and Cuatre Casas. Clare has experience teaching althletes face to face from Japan, Peru, Brazil, France and Portugal…

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Jenny Jordan

While working in the hotel/hospitality industry Jenny attended the University of Arizona where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English Education.

From there Jenny went to East Africa to teach English and train local (native) educators. She lived in and traveled through much of East Africa for appoximately 3 years teaching English to children, adults, and professionals. Jenny has an accumulated total of 10 years experience teaching English as a foreign language both in the USA and abroad.

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Chris Green

Chris spent a lot of time in France and the United States. Currently he lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He completed the following university courses: MBA in Paris, English Studies and Business Administration at Indiana University in the USA. He has got more than ten years’ experience teaching English, Sociology and Business Studies in both state and private educational institutions throughout Europe. He has also worked as an EFL teacher for several language schools. Chris is interested in literature, psychology and sociology. He enjoys meeting new people and listening to them.

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Amy Louise

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and German Literature and am TESOL certified. I have lived and taught in Austria and South Korea, and my travel experience extends to Ireland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Israel, and the Philippines.

У меня есть степень бакалавра в области английской и немецкой литературы, и я TESOL сертифицирован. Я жила и преподавала в Австрии и Южной Кореи, и мой опыт поездок распространяется на Ирландию, Бельгию, Чехию, Германию, Японию, Израиль и на Филиппинны.

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Jonathan P

Jonathan has spent 40 years of his life living in England, including in London for the last 12 years.

Currently he lives near Turin, in northern Italy. He completed the following university courses: degree in law — Wales, Magistrates Court qualification — Wales, diploma in law — London, CELTA — Cambridge University, ordinary national diploma in Construction studies — Reading, paramedical qualification — military and general English studies at secondary school. He has got more than 3 years’ experience teaching English, legal English and business English.

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John O Donovan

John O Donovan is British and was born in London, England. He currently lives in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland. He speaks with a clear and crisp Standard British Accent. He is twenty-seven years old. He has taught English to European, Asian and Arabic students in many locations around the world.

John O Донован британец, родился в Лондоне, Англия. В настоящее время живет в Белфасте, столице Северной Ирландии. Он говорит с ясными и четкими стандартным британским акцентом.

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Bart Picket

Bart is British and was born in London, England. He currently lives in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland. He speaks with a clear and crisp Standard British Accent He has taught English to European, Asian and Arabic students in many locations around the world.

Барт британец и родился в Лондоне, Англия. В настоящее время живет в Белфасте, столице Северной Ирландии. Он говорит с ясным и четкими типичным британским акцентом. Ему двадцать семь лет. Он преподавал английский язык у европейских, азиатских и арабских студентов.

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Andy Murphy

Along with a Master’s degree in Ethics, Andy has an extensive background in sales and business (manufacturing and forestry) as well as the music industry.A native English speaker[…]

Наряду со степенью магистра в области этики, Энди имеет обширный опыт в области продаж и бизнеса (производства и лесного хозяйства), а также в музыкальной индустрии. Является носителем английского языка, родом из США, и сейчас живет в Квебеке, Канада, Энди преподавал английский в качестве второго языка с 1990.

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Michael Shine

Michael is a New Zealander with a BA degree in Education. He has been living and working abroad for the last 25 years and is now resident in Ecuador,where he lives with his wife and chlidren. Michael has been teaching ESL for the last 17 years and during that time has taught in educational institutions such as colleges and universities. He has also been the provider of ESL classes to companies like the American petroleum conglomerate Nabors and the South African brewing giant SAB Miller. He has taught all age groups at all levels and specializes in the preparation of students for exams.