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Martin Hunt

Martin is a native English speaker now living in the south of France. Prior to moving to France in 2005, he worked in the banking sector as an accountant for 20 years and then as an IT consultant and trainer for 10 years. In France he continues to teach IT to adults at the local college and library in French and English. He is an examination marker for the British Computer Society and City & Guild certified to teach adults. Advanced TEFL UK qualified (specialising in Business, one to one and children), He teaches locally English to groups and individuals of all ages and levels of competence. He also offers specialised courses to groups, including health care professionals and local government officials, who need to converse with patients and residents. New SKYPE new Teaching methods – Martin frequently uses the new features in Skype. The Show Screen facility enables Martin to share PowerPoint Presentations which is a great way to learn new vocabulary and play educational games. A great hit with both adults and groups of children. In addition he uses a wide range of teaching tools, pod casts, videos and DVD’s to encourage and interest his students. Martin’s relaxed style of teaching and sense of humour enable him to build a strong and lasting rapport with students, making them feel comfortable and self-confident in learning..

Специальность: Разговорный английский, Business English, IT

Страна: UK

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