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Jonathan P

Jonathan has spent 40 years of his life living in England, including in London for the last 12 years. Currently he lives near Turin, in northern Italy. He completed the following university courses: degree in law — Wales, Magistrates Court qualification — Wales, diploma in law — London, CELTA — Cambridge University, ordinary national diploma in Construction studies — Reading, paramedical qualification — military and general English studies at secondary school. He has got more than 3 years’ experience teaching English, legal English and business English and has practiced law in excess of 10 years. He has also worked as an EFL teacher for several language schools, including in Italy and Saudi Arabia. Jonathan is interested in DIY and sight-seeing and in his spare time learns Italian. He enjoys meeting new people and listening to them. He quickly builds a strong rapport with his students and motivates them to learn. He believes that communicative approach and total immersion in English is the most effective way to develop students’ language skills. He is a warm and supportive person willing to teach people from all over the world.

Специальность: Разговорный английский Страна: Uk

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