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Clare McGowan

Clare is a British lady living in France. She likes bodyboarding, tennis, scuba diving, cycling, yoga, travelling, photography and the history of the Earth. She has 8 years teaching experience. For the last 3 years she has been teaching French, Italian and Spanish businessmen, one to one (via telephone or Skype). She has taught for over 3500 hours. Companies include Alexionpharma, Lamberti, Mercedes Benz, La Poste, Yoplait, SNCF, Illy Cafe and Cuatre Casas. Clare has experience teaching althletes face to face from Japan, Peru, Brazil, France and Portugal and has also taught school children. Clare will write a report during lessons which will include all mistakes. She like to focus on general conversation, grammar, business and any other needs.

Специальность: Разговорный английский Страна: Usa

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