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Ann Ellen

Ann Ellen is an American who has traveled the globe and enjoys a bilingual life between Quebec and the New York City area. Over the course of her career as a professor of English as a Second Language she has had the privilege of teaching English to a wide variety of language learners…from Western and Eastern Europeans to Latin Americans, Creole Haitians to Chinese and South Asians, Egyptians and Turkish nationals to Franco-Canadians. Following the Natural Approach to Second Language Acquisition she believes a solid foundation of grammar is a building tool to confidence in communication. She has helped English learners enter into the fields of Business, International Aid and Development and the establishment of Bilingual Schools in home countries. She has written curricula in the fields of Intercultural Communications and supervised World Language Departments in American high schools. Among her passions, she includes music and song (especially the Blues), visual arts (She, on occasion, feels a deep need to express her impressions in color on canvas) and gardening. Seeing every moment as precious, she seeks to enter into contact with students who are passionate to expand their communication skills.

Специальность: Разговорный английский

Страна: USA

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